Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bare Mtn W6/CT-082

I wanted to activate Bare Mtn before the heat of the summer.  It took me about an hour to get to the parking location from my house via the Angeles Crest Highway.  It was a slow, dangerous drive, as I was driving through the low clouds with minimal visibility.  I almost turned around, but decided to just take it slow.  I arrived at the parking spot ( N34° 22.258' W117° 59.824' ).  Like most places during the week in the Angeles Forest, I had the area to myself.

After parking, I hiked around the gate and followed the dirt road.  It is a nice walk on the road between a grove of pine trees.

After following the road for about 3/4 mile, there is an old fire break to the left at N34° 22.600' W117° 59.300'.  There is an old metal sign on the right side of the road that serves as a good marker.  Follow the old fire break to the left.

I am glad I brought my trekking poles (2nd hand ski poles that work great!) as there were some very steep parts on the fire break and some rocky soil in places.

I am glad I had my GPS/Map, as the clouds moved in again for a short time, limiting visibility, and there were a couple false summits.

After hiking the steep, false summit, I had a good view of Bare Mtn. about a 1/2 mile away.  This final stretch was a nice hike with views of the surrounding valleys.

After signing the Summit Log, I set up my station.

I started on 20m and had some good contacts.  As I was nearing the end of the 20m activation, the temperature dropped rapidly, about 10 degrees.  The clouds began moving around the mountains and I felt like I was watching one of my favorite Steve McQueen movies "The Blob."

Due to the rapid change in weather, I had to cut the activation short.  I spent a very short time on 40m and 10m.  Before packing up, I briefly tried to make a 20m contact on cw.  As I am still in the learning stage of cw (around 10wpm or less) I am not sure if I was relieved or disappointed when I didn't make a cw contact.  I will try cw again next time I am out.  After packing up, Roxy and I double timed it on the way back to beat the rain.  It is always a relief to see my truck still at a trail head upon the return.

I was able to spot via APRS and SMS from Bare Mtn.  I would recommend doing this hike in cool weather and bring plenty of water.  Thank you to all chasers!


40m - AA7DK, W7RV

10m - W4DOW, NE4TN