Friday, November 20, 2015

Hoyt Mtn. W6/CT-146

We finally had a Friday without heavy winds, so I wanted to make a run up the Crest for an activation.  I had activated Hoyt Mtn in 2014, one of my early SOTA activations.  There are a couple ways to approach Hoyt, I chose the longer route from the Grizzly Flats Trailhead as I wanted some exercise.  This route is nearly 2.5 miles, most of which is a dirt fire road.  The last half mile leaves the dirt road to a use trail, with a nearly 600 foot elevation gain.

Parking is in a large turnout at 34 15.617 N, 118 11.544 W.  There is a lot of traffic on Angeles Crest Highway, so be careful when driving across the road.  After parking, take the Grizzly Flats Trailhead.  It is well marked and is the dirt fire road on the south side of the parking lot.  Shortly after hiking up the road, you will walk around a yellow gate.  Continue to follow the road.

After two miles, I was at the base of Hoyt.  Looking up, there is a false summit.

After the climb, I arrived at Hoyt Mtn.  The summit is level and there are plenty of places to set up the station.  There are many Yucca trees that can be used to hang the antenna.  Shortly after arriving, I made a summit to summit contact on 2m with Hal, N6JZT, who was on Calabasas Peak, W6/CT-214. 


I sat on a pile of rocks during the activation with a nice view of downtown Los Angeles in the background.  This is my second activation with my KX3.  I really enjoy the lighter weight and I am learning the various functions.

After the activation, I found and signed the summit log.  I then walked around, enjoying the nice views.  The first photo with summits in the background is Strawberry Peak W6/CT-018 on the left and Mt. Lawlor W6/CT-089 on the right.  The next photo shows Josephine Peak W6/CT-025.  Finally, Mt. Lukens W6/CT-030. 

It started to heat up on the summit and it was time to pack up and head on down the hill.  I stopped along the way for a few geocaches.

I made the following contacts:


10m - NG6R, NK6A

20m - W0MNA, KX0R, W0ERI

40m - W7RV, K6TUY, AA7DK