Saturday, May 9, 2015

Grass Mtn W6/CT-130

Today marked my 50th activation with SOTA!  Thank you chasers!  After last week's hike to Smith Mtn., I felt a little guilty as although Roxy did fine on that hike, she could barely walk for the next three days.  I had read on Hal's (N6JZT) blog that Grass Mtn was  a drive up a fire road, so I thought I would give it a try.  It was just under an hour from my house to San Francisquito Cyn Rd and 6N04. There is a well marked sign at 6N04.  Turned left and followed the dirt road up for just under three miles to Grass Mtn.

I had no problem driving up the dirt road in my 2wd Toyota pickup, but I was a little concerned due to the rain the last couple days.  The road was in good shape.  I recommend anyone driving this road to go slow, as there are many blind turns and steep drop offs.  I came around one turn and nearly had a head on collision with three dirt bikes.

I was glad to see the gate was open (N 34 38.382 W 118 23.036).  I was even more relieved when it was open on the way back down.

I continued on the road to the fork (N 34 38.541 W 118 24.269).  Going right continues on 6N04. Left is 6N05.  I went left to the top.

The Pacific Crest Trail crosses the road.  On San Francisquito, I saw at least 15 PCT hikers today. They start in mid-April near the Mexican border.

I arrived at the top and set up the station.  This was the first time I brought a chair.

No need for the poles as there were plenty of trees for the antenna.

There were some nice views from the top.

There were two geocaches within a short distance from the top.

While I was doing the activation, Roxy found the shade from a nearby tree and took a break.

After working 20m and 40m ssb, I tried cw (slowly) on 20m.  Made a contact with Dan, NA6MG on W6/SD-068 for my first cw Summit to Summit.  I will continue to work at cw after the ssb activation.  If you contact me, please keep it at/below 10wpm with plenty of spacing, keeping the contact to call sign and signal report.

Thank you chasers for the contacts today!


20m-cw- NA6MG (Summit to Summit)

40m - W7RV, K6TUY

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