Monday, August 11, 2014

Pacifico Mtn W6/CT-015

I decided to ride my bike to Pacifico Mtn via the dirt road.  Google Earth had it at about 4.72 miles from the gate to the campground.  The last time I was here was over 15 years ago when the road was open to the campground.  The road has been closed since the Station Fire in 2009.  I started riding about 6 am.  At about the 7 minute mark, it became extremely difficult to pedal the bike.  I looked down and noticed that the rear tube was out of the tire and wrapped around the rear sprocket. I had to cut the tube to allow the wheel to turn.  A learning lesson for me on these bike rides is to bring a spare tube.  I brought a repair kit and pump, but no tube.  I pushed the bike the remainder of the trip.  Total time to the campground with breaks was about 1:50.  Return trip pushing the bike was 1:20.  I left Roxy at home as I had planned on riding the bike and I didn't think she could keep up with me.

At about 3.1 miles, there is a sign indicating the turn off to Pacifico Campground.  I think the mileage on the sign is off.  I had it at about 1.5 miles to the campground.  Make a right turn here and follow the road to the campground.  This last section of the road is quite steep and I would have walked even if the bike wasn't broken.

This is a view of the road to the campground from the cutoff.

The road leads directly to Mt. Pacifico Campground.  I thought the sign saying "vehicles must display pass" was funny, as the area has been closed to vehicles since 2009.

The actual summit is the large boulder in the center of the photo.  The benchmark is located on a boulder behind the large one.

There are many places within the activation zone to set up a station.  Although I brought my Black Widow pole, it wasn't needed as there are numerous trees to hang an antenna.

I chose this bench to set up on.  Plenty of shade and trees.

There was even a clean restroom at the campground.

There is a cool looking rock formation that forms a small cave/shelter.

There are two geocaches within a short distance of the campground.  I decided to check both of them as it will be some time before I am back in this area.

Although I was the only person on Pacifico I did have one visitor that was interested in what I was doing.

Despite the bike problems, it was a great day on Pacifico.  I will probably come back for an overnight backpack trip sometime.  I made the following contacts:

Summit to Summit:  N6JZT - Josephine Peak W6/CT-025, KB6CIO and WN6E- Strawberry Peak W6/CT-086

2m - N6JZT

20m - KA5PVB. NS7P, K1JD, K2JB, W0MNA, W7CNL


12m - N4EX, N6AKI, K6CMG

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