Friday, September 5, 2014

Frazier Mtn. W6/CC-003

I strained my calf muscle a few weeks ago and haven't been able to get out for any exercise or SOTA activations due to the pain.  I decided to go to Frazier Mtn, as I knew I could drive to the top of the mountain.  It was an easy drive from the Crescenta Valley.  I took the 5 north to Frazier Mtn Park Rd., to Lockwood Valley Rd., to Frazier Mtn Rd., which becomes Forest Rte 8N04.  The roads are well marked and it is an easy drive.  I was at Frazier Mtn Road in about an hour from my house.

I got an early start so I decided to do some geocaching.  There were 15 geocaches on Forest Rte 8N04 from Lockwood Valley Road to Frazier Mtn.  I was able to find each cache.  Along the way I saw a nice sized bobcat.  By the time I stopped and got the camera ready, he was gone.  I also saw a deer on the road and several quail.

The first two miles of the road is paved.  There are a few potholes before you reach the campground.  After the campground, the road turns to hard packed dirt.  A little rough in spots, but I had no problem with my 2-wheel drive Toyota.  At six miles, there is a fork in the road.  A clearly marked sign indicates to turn right to Frazier Mtn Lookout.

 On the drive up, there were some nice views of the Lockwood Valley.

After the activation, I had a good time exploring the mountain.  I was hoping I could go inside the old lookout tower, but there was a gate at the top of the stairs.  While I was walking around, an older gentleman in camouflage rode up on an ATV.  He was out bow hunting and said he had been chasing a buck in the area.

There are plenty of trees in the area to support the antenna.  Although I am still hobbling a bit, I felt good that for a change, I threw my rock over the correct branches on the first attempt.

I found this old wall that provided a good spot for my station.  I brought a small cooler this trip that I used as a chair.  The location also had some nice views.  As soon as I arrived at the mountain, I was contacted on 2m by Hal, N6JZT, for a summit to summit activation.  He was on Strawberry Peak (W6/CT-018) in the Angeles National Forest.

On the other side of the wall, it looked like someone made a memorial.  There was a rock cross and a planted tree.

As I began to work the radio, Roxy found a nice shaded spot between the trees and settled in for her nap.

It was a nice morning on Frazier Mtn.  and to have the opportunity to get out for an activation, even though I can't hike this week.  Hopefully, I will be ready to hike next week.  On the way home, I exited the 5 fwy in Gorman and attempted to access Lebec Benchmark, W6/CT-122.  I traversed a couple of dirt roads before I was within a 1/4 mile from the top and I came across a fence with a gate and a posted "No Tresspassing" sign.  I turned around and headed for home.

I made the following contacts on Frazier Mtn.:

2m - N6JZT - Summit to Summit W6/CT-018 Strawberry Peak



Thank you to all chasers and spotters!                  

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