Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kagel Mountain W6/CT-170

Activated Kagel Mountain on March 7, 2014.  I have been looking forward to this hike/activation as I have seen the hang gliders for years.  Views of the valley on the way up to Kagel Mountain. Started picking up wind the closer I got to the top.  It is just under 3 miles to the top via a fire road.

This small rise on top is a great place for you activation's.  There is a small bench, a picnic table, and a few trees.  I used a bungee cord to attach my "Jacklite" to the tree.

Notice the wind sock.  It was really blowing on top of the mountain.  I took cover to the left of the picnic table behind the small mound.  It offered some protection from the wind.  I should have brought some headphones, as it was difficult to hear the radio due to the noise caused by the heavy wind.

Hang gliders use this as a take off spot.

A reminder to hang glider pilots to hook in before they take off.  Good idea!

Roxy is my hiking and SOTA partner.  Over her right shoulder in the center of the mountains in the background is Fernando 2 Benchmark, W6/CT-158.

Roxy taking a rest on one of the hang glider pads while I work 20m.  Made a total of 21 contacts including S2S on 2m with KB6CIO (Bob) and WN6E (Martin) who were on W6/CT-226 and N6JZT (Hal) who was on W6/CT-034.  Thank you chasers!

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