Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pt. 4202 W6/CT-150

I have been driving past Pt. 4202 for several years, long before I had ever heard of "Summits on the Air" or getting involved with amateur radio.  The hike is relatively short, with a 600' elevation gain. The trail climbs steeply and finally levels off for a short distance before a final, short and steep push to the peak.  It took me about 30 minutes to get to the top, stopping to take pictures along the way and 15 minutes on the return.  A little warmer than I had planned when I set the alert four days ago.

I parked in a large turnout on the south side of Angeles Forest Highway at Angeles Crest Highway. On the north side of the street, is a large sign that reads "No parking next 11 miles".  I am sure this is due to the forest closure on the north side.  Carefully walk across Angeles Crest Highway to the small Forest Service station to begin the hike.  Be alert when crossing the street in this area, as drivers tend to speed through this stretch of the road.

The steep trail begins at the rear of the parking lot, behind the restroom.  Stay on this trail all the way to the top.

The trail rises quickly.  My Toyota is parked to the left, behind the trees.

A short distance to the east of Pt. 4202 is Switzer's Picnic Area.  During my time living in the Crescenta Valley, Switzer's has always been one of my favorite weekday stops.  There is a nice shaded picnic area with tables, barbecues, and restrooms.  There is a nice trail that follows a stream down the Arroyo Seco Canyon to Switzer Falls.  Prior to the Station Fire, the trail went about ten miles down the canyon and exited at JPL.  Before budget cuts and the Station Fire, Department of Fish and Game planted trout on a regular basis in various spots along the stream.  It was a lot of fun to hike in and fly fish the stream.

The trail finally levels out for a short time before the final rise to the top of Pt. 4202.  As always, Roxy is out in front of me.

Approaching the top is a nice view of downtown Los Angeles.  I am always amazed that just 20 minutes away from the mountains in the Angeles National Forest, are millions of people that never visit these mountains.

The top of Pt. 4202 offers some good views of the surrounding mountains including Hoyt Mtn., W6/CT-146.

I had a Summit to Summit activation with Hal, N6JZT.  He is on Iron Mtn., W6/CT-024,  Iron Mtn should roughly be in the center of the photograph.

There is not much on top of Pt. 4202.  I connected the Jackite to the remains of this old Yucca tree.

Sloped the antenna, tying off to another dead tree.

Roxy taking her usual nap while I am working the radio.

As I was winding down the activation, this lizard stopped by for a visit.

It was a great time today on Pt. 4202.  Like other peaks on the front side the San Gabriel mountains, there is no protection from the sun.  Be sure and bring plenty of water if you take this trek in the heat.

I had the following contacts:

2m - N6JZT (Summit to Summit)


40m - No contacts.  It took me longer than expected to set up the 40m antenna.  After setting up and getting ready to work the radio, the Jackite slipped away from the yucca tree and it took me a while to set it back up.  Once on the radio, 7.285 was already in use.

12m - No contacts.

Thank you to all chasers!  Without you, SOTA would not be possible.  

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