Thursday, April 17, 2014

Flint Peak W6/CT-225

Flint Peak is another mountain in close proximity to my house.  It was an easy hike to the peak, which is not accessible, as there is a fence around several backup broadcasting towers.  To get to the trail head, I took Linda Vista from the 210 freeway, turned right on Lida and left on Figueroa. Take Figueroa until it ends at the trail head.  The trail is a good conditioned dirt road that eventually turns to pavement.  Leave the pavement and follow the hillside up to the fence line.  It took me about 15 minutes to get to the top.

There is a faint trail you can follow on the southeast side that will lead to the top.  The trail disappears as you get near the top, but just walk around the bushes until you reach the top.  Keep your eyes open for snakes when you traverse the mountain after leaving the road.

I connected my Jackite to the dead tree in the center of the picture.  There are plenty of places on the east side of the summit to anchor a Jackite or pole that are within the 80 vertical feet for an activation.  In the background are several trees outside the fence where you could hang your antenna if you don't bring a pole.  If you choose this area, watch your footing, as there is a lot of gravel, rocks, and loose soil that easily gives way.

As I normally do, I sloped my antenna in a north to south configuration.  This photo gives a better view of the tall trees in the background.

As I scouted the area to set up my equipment, Roxy wasted no time finding a shaded, grassy area to take her customary nap while I work the radio.

It was a hazy day that never cleared.  Off to the east above the water tank is Brookside Golf Course at the Rose Bowl.

On the south side of Flint Peak is Scholl Canyon Golf Course.  This is a fun 18 hole golf course and on clear days, there are views to the ocean.  It also has several tennis courts.  There is a gate outside of the entrance to Scholl Canyon Golf Course that prevents you from making access to Flint Peak from Glenoaks Bl.

The back nine on the course are quite challenging. If you don't hit the ball straight, it is going in the canyon.  The dump is in the background just past the golf course.

Here is a better view Scholl Canyon Landfill.

I was surprised to see that the gate was open on the south side leading into the compound.  The "No Trespassing" signs did not intimidate Roxy.

I recently purchased a GPS and have never used one before.  Yesterday, I received some excellent tutoring on how to use the GPS from a well skilled member of the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team.  This was an easy trek to practice with the GPS.  Due to playing with the GPS and the haze in the surrounding valleys, I did not take as many photos as usual.

Near the end of my activation, my son called and said that a swarm of bees had moved into our lemon tree this morning.  I thought he was exaggerating, until I got home and saw the bees. Hopefully they move on in a couple days.

Once again, I had a great time on another SOTA adventure.  Thank you to all chasers and those that spotted me.  I have been trying to learn how to use APRS on my Kenwood D72 HT so that I can self spot, but have not been successful spotting yet.

I made a total of 32 contacts today.

2m - N6JZT, KD6ZLV


40m - Zero contacts


Thank you again to all chasers for the QSO's.

Mike - N6MKW


  1. This looks like an Excellent activation for a Summit that had been previously noted as No Trespassing. Would you recommend it to others? You sure worked a lot contacts. Congratulations on the new GPS.

    Sure hope those bees at your home move so you don't have to deal with them.

    73, KB6CIO

  2. Tnx for nice photo and blog. Always a pleasure working you. Love the photo of the bees on the lemon tree. Hmmmmmm good - lemon honey, bitter sweet combo. Sometimes I have mixed lemon/honey with Jack D. for medicinal purposes. least it makes me feel better. hi
    73 de n4mj