Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kratka Ridge W6/CT-014

It was a nice day for an activation on Kratka Ridge.  The temperature was in the low 70's and I had the mountain to myself.  The ski resort has been closed since the 2001-2002 season.  The distance to the top is relatively short, .82 miles, but a steep hike.  The elevation gain is nearly 750 feet.

I parked across the street from the ski lifts, as I thought I saw a "No Parking" sign in the area below the lifts. I didn't want to take any chances of getting a parking ticket.  I crossed the street and climbed about 50' to a flat area near the ski lifts.  I then followed a dirt road as it climbed to the top.

The road offers several views of the old ski lift.  It would be nice if it were operational again to take a ride to the top.

Roxy took a break on the way up and waited for me to catch up.  I didn't take her on my last couple treks due to the terrain and warm weather.  She was happy to go on this hike.

The ski lift goes nearly to the top of the ridge.  Looking at the lift, it was as if they just turned it off and walked away.  Being a huge fan of the television show, "The Walking Dead," I thought this would be a great place to film an episode.  The possibilities are endless for filming a zombie scene from here for the show.

At the end of the dirt road is a short path to the ridge.  I was on the ridge less than 15 seconds when Bob, KB6CIO, contacted me on 2 meters.  It was somewhat comical trying to have a conversation with Bob when I was out of breath.  

There are plenty of trees on the ridge to hang an antenna. Not knowing the area, I did bring my "Black Widow" in case there were not enough trees.  I had a few problems setting up my antenna.  I tied some rope to a rock and I kept missing the branch I wanted.  When I finally got the correct branches for both ends of the antenna, I began to raise the antenna and realized the trees were too close together.  I had to start over using other trees.

Roxy settled in for her nap as I worked the radio.

The downed tree made a great spot to set my equipment on.  There are several places on the ridge for setting up antennas and your equipment.  All locations on the ridge offer awesome views.

The views were real nice from the ridge.  I sat on the rocks in the second picture, overlooking deep canyons, while working 2 meters on my HT.

On my way down, I stopped and located the geocache on the mountain.  The last entry was from Bob, KB6CIO, nearly three months ago.  I learned from my trek to Mt. Lawlor last week, to look for the geocache AFTER the activation.  This cache had a "Pinky" ball in it.  Nearly 40 years ago, we used those for playing some serious hand ball when we were kids.  Roxy couldn't understand why I wouldn't throw the ball for her to chase as we do when I am at home.

I had a great time today on Kratka Ridge.  On the way home, I scouted out the road to Pacifico Mtn. for a future activation and stopped for one more geocache, finding a trackable geocoin.



40m - W7RV, N0OI, AA7DK, W7USA, K6EL

Thank you chasers!!!!!        

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  1. Hi Mike,
    Please le me know what freq you monitor on 2m, or 70cm when you are on your treks.
    de KB6NQW, Tom