Saturday, June 14, 2014

Motorcycle Camping Trip - Geocaching

Teresa and I headed up the coast on the motorcycle for a few days, camping at Carpinteria State Beach and El Capitan Beach.  It was tough to leave the radio equipment at home, as we passed a few activation locations on our trip.  The weather was perfect and once we got north of Los Angeles, there wasn't much traffic.  In addition to some awesome riding, we stopped at a few geocaches along the way.  We  have a lot of fun together locating the caches.

Just north of Ventrua, we exited the 101 and rode on the Pacific Coast Highway.  We stopped for our first geocache at Emma Wood State Beach.  It was an easy find and a nice place to stretch.

The first night we camped at Carpinteria State Beach.  We have been camping here over 20 years.  Years ago, we started camping here with a tent and moved up to a travel trailer for many years.  Now that the boys are grown and on their own, Teresa and I are back to tent camping.  My younger son and I did a lot of backpacking when he was in scouts.  Fortunately, I saved all of my backpacking equipment, which fits nicely on the motorcycle.  The campground was full, as it always is during the summer.

After setting up camp and making some coffee, we set out to locate a couple geocaches along the beach.

One of the caches at Carpinteria was hidden inside of a hollowed out log.  The log is the type used for a hide-a-key. The log looked like a natural part of the vegetation in the area.


On day 2, we rode up to Santa Barbara, cut up the 154 to the Santa Ynez Valley and Solvang, before setting camp at El Capitan State Beach.  We stopped for lunch at the "Cold Spring Tavern,"  The tavern began as a rest stop in 1868.  I highly recommend a stop here if in the area.  Teresa made a four legged friend.  After lunch, we located the nearby geocache with a little work.  It was well hidden.

Back on the road from the Tavern, we stopped for a geocache at a location called "Suicide Tree."  It was sad to see several crosses set up as memorials to those who had taken their lives at these trees and the bridge.  As of 2011, 55 people had taken their lives by jumping off the Cold Springs Bridge.  Since a suicide barrier was built on the bridge in 2012, at least two people still committed suicide from the bridge.  Please call someone if you need help.

Night 2 found us setting up camp at El Capitan State Beach.  We once camped here nearly 20 years ago. Unlike Carpinteria, it is a walk down/up a hill.  Without small children this time, we didn't mind the walk and enjoyed the larger campsites.

After showers and coffee, we headed out for geocaching near the beach at El Captian.  It was a fun way to explore the area.

On day 3, we packed up and rode home after making breakfast.  We stopped in Fillmore for gas and coffee at Starbucks, before the final leg of our ride home.  We had a great time,  Although I have been on multi-day rides before, this is the first time Teresa came with me.  She really enjoyed it and wants to go again.  All is good!    

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