Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunset Peak W6/CT-022

This was an easy drive to the trail head this morning,  It took us less than an hour to reach the parking area, including a stop to grab a cup of coffee.  Mt. Baldy Road is less windy than Angeles Crest Highway, which I often drive for SOTA activations.  Parking is on Glendora Ridge Road, a short distance from Mt. Baldy Road.  The GPS coordinates for parking are  34° 13.684'N 117° 40.212'W. The red line on the photo is the route via the dirt road, just over 3.5 miles, the route we took.  The yellow line is the fire break that follows the ridge.  Although much shorter at 1.5 miles, it is very steep.  I used the geocahces along the route for the waypoints to mark the trail.

After arriving at the parking area, we walked around the easily seen yellow gate and started our hike. The other option was to take the steep fire break to the left.

The dirt road is easy to follow, in good shape, and offers some nice views to the west.

As we approached Sunset Peak, we had the option of leaving the dirt road or going up the steep trail. As we are using our SOTA hikes for training to hike Mt. Whitney, we chose to stay on the dirt road to add the extra distance.

It took us 1:50 to get to the top with several breaks to take pictures and find the geocaches.  It was a much easier hike than last week at Pt. 4460 W6/CT-144.  CT-144 was totally open with bare mountains, while this had stunning views, trees, and  a gradual incline of 1300'.  As I began to set up, Teresa settled in to read a book.

As I set up, Roxy settled in for a nap after the hike.  I used the tree to provide some shade as I made the activation.

More nice views from the peak including Mt. San Antonio W6/CT- 003 (first photo).  Although hazy in the basin below, you can make out downtown Los Angeles in the last photo.

Before leaving, I signed the summit log.


Thank you to all chasers for the contacts!  I was unable to find an open frequency without QRM on the 20m band.  There was a contest taking place and the band was packed.


10m - NA6MG, N4EX, KAIR

40m - W7RV

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