Friday, March 6, 2015

Truinfo Lookout W6/SC-219

Headed out to the Malibu area for an activation this morning.  What a difference a week makes.  Last week I activated Saddle Peak (W6/CT-035) and was socked in with clouds, providing limited visibility.  Today, although windy, I had clear skies and awesome views!

From the 101 Fwy, I exited Westlake Bl (23) and drove south, as it turned into Mulholland Hwy.  Coming to a stop sign at Mulholland Hwy and Decker Rd. (N 34° 05.317 W 118° 52.403), I turned right to Little Sycamore Cyn Rd (N 34° 05.335 W 118° 52.832), where I turned right once again.  Sycamore becomes Yerba Buena Rd,, and I parked at the spacious parking turnout for Truinfo Lookout ( N 34° 06.448 W 118° 54.555).

The trail from the parking area to the peak is .74 miles with a 400' elevation gain.  It is an easy hike and it took me about 20 minutes to get to the top, hiking at a leisurely pace.  There are many mountain lions in the area, so I kept a watchful eye above me, as I didn't want anything to happen to Roxy.

After loading up, I followed the trail beyond the fire gate.

The trail is in fairly good condition, with thick brush on both sides of the trial.  There are a few spots where the brush forms a canopy above the trail.

At .55 miles, we came to a fork in the trail (N 34° 06.353 W 118° 55.051).  Take the left side of the fork and it leads to the peak.

The wind was fairly strong on the peak.  I hung up the SOTA flag, but the wind was too strong to see it.

There were plenty of places to set up my equipment.  It was nice to have a place to sit.

There were some nice views from the peak.

View of Pt. 1838, W6/SC-311.  I activated SC-311 after I left Truinfo.

Not much activity during the activition this morning.  Thank you to all chasers!

10m - WA2USA
20m - NS7P, WB5USB, KF7JQV
40m - KB6CIO, W7RV

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