Friday, February 20, 2015

Pt. 1821 W6/CT-228

Headed out today for a quick activation of Pt. 1821, W6/CT-228.   It wasn't so quick, as I ran into some heavy traffic on the 405 fwy this morning in the San Fernando Valley.  As I arrived, there was heavy fog in the area.  The parking location was easy to find.  Headed up Lindero Canyon from the 101Fwy, left on Rockfield St. and left on Bowfield.  You can't miss the trail and there is plenty of parking.  The trail is well marked with a sign that reads, "Bowfield Trail."

I followed the trail from the directions provided in the posts by Bob, KB6CIO and Dan, NA6MG. On the way up, I took the longer, gradual path indicated in red on the below photo.  It is just over a mile. On the return trip, I took the shorter, steep route, indicated in yellow.

The trail up is in really good condition and easy to follow.  In the lower photo, you come to a fork. The trail to the right takes the gradual incline and the left fork takes you to Pt. 1821, seen in back of photo.  The left fork is the steep route.  I took the photo on the return trip, as there was so much fog on the way up, I couldn't see the hills.

I had the mountain to myself this morning.  Someone stacked a pile of rocks to designate the summit.

Once on top, I immediately set up my equipment.  I brought the Jackite, hoping there would be something sturdy to use as an anchor.  I found a strong bush to use.  I set up the antenna sloping, North to South.  I recently got a new 10/20/40 antenna from LNR Precision.  I have been happy with the other antennas I purchased from them.  It was nice not to set up a new antenna every time I switched bands.

Here is a view from the summit when I first arrived.  As you can see, there wasn't much of a view due to the fog.

I stopped and picked up a few geocaches along the way.

Here is a look going down the steeper trail on the return trip.  Both trails are in great shape. There are some BIG houses nearby.

When I returned home and got ready to complete the activation log, I pulled out my log sheets from my backpack and noticed they were wet, smearing much of the logs.  I had a contact from Portugal and two from Canada, as well as a diverse group from around the country, but I couldn't read some of the call signs from the log sheet.

Thank you to all chasers for the contacts!  I apologize if I missed anyone due to the log sheet.

2m - KM6CEM



40m - W7RV, K6EL, K6TUY